Malmö Theatre Academy

The Malmö Theatre Academy offers programmes for actors and playwrights at the Bachelor’s degree level. After that, students have the opportunity to continue their studies to a Master’s degree for actors, directors and playwrights as well as to pursue a doctoral degree. We have also started a programme in Theatre in Theory and Practice together with the Centre for Languages and Literature in Lund. The Theatre Academy strives to be known for its long-range and consistently structured education and for the close cooperation between the academy’s different subjects. The academy has close contacts with other theatres and drama programmes around Sweden. International contacts have also long contributed to shaping the academy’s profile. The academy’s teaching premises are in central Malmö and it also has a modern, well-equipped theatre at its disposal for public performances.

Bachelor’s programme in Acting

The aim of the programme is to produce creative and independent actors, who are able, in cooperation with others, to satisfy artistic requirements in various theatrical contexts. The programme lasts three years and entitles students to continue to Master’s level studies once they have obtained their Bachelor’s degree. Of the approximately one thousand applicants each year, twelve students are admitted as a rule. Besides the main subject, stage performance, tuition is also provided in technical subjects such as movement, voice and diction, singing, music and theory.

Bachelor’s programme in Dramatic Writing

The drama writing programme at the Malmö Theatre Academy has a clear focus on method designed to be useful regardless of the style, genre or aesthetic direction in which the student’s fictional writing develops. The most important element consists in getting students to learn to relate their work with the text to stage action and situation. Learning to do this implies simultaneously taking an explorative attitude to writing. This is the basis for the text’s interaction with the work of the actors and leads, once it is mastered, to an increased freedom in writing for the stage. Students who apply to the programme in Malmö are presumed to accept that the programme has this emphasis on method; they are also to be prepared to dedicate the time and effort that experience has shown to be needed in order to acquire these skills.
The programme takes three years.

Theatre in Theory and Practice

The Theatre Academy in Malmö and the subject of Drama at the Centre for Languages and Literature have launched a completely new course called Theatre in Theory and Practice, with the aim of renewing Swedish drama research and education. The course’s main objective is to unify a scholarly and theoretical study of drama with artistic and practical aspects. This type of course has already been available for some time in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the USA, where this approach has contributed to a renewal and a fruitful broadening of the very concept of drama. In the long term, the course aims to create a new area of knowledge, in which the traditional courses in drama and acting strive together for an understanding of the role of theatre in society.
The course is given at undergraduate level.

Master’s courses for actors, directors and playwrights

The Master’s courses are designed to offer the opportunity to explore one’s own creative work, based on current movements and European theatrical tradition. The aim is to define one’s own art. The courses attempt to answer questions such as: What will theatre be like in the future? The establishment of these courses has meant a new take on today’s theatre climate. Previous students from the Theatre Academy in Malmö have gone on to form some of the most important and innovative theatre companies in Sweden today. The Master’s programme is designed to further increase the Theatre Academy’s contribution to this development.
The programme lasts two years with the possibility of gaining a one-year Master’s degree after the first year. Research and doctoral studies The Theatre Academy in Malmö has two full time researchers, Kent Sjöström and Erik Rynell. Besides this, the academy is involved in artistic doctoral studies with two appointed doctoral students, Christina Ouzounidis and Petra Hultberg.


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