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Doctoral student will conduct research involving the multicultural community of Malmö

Iury Salustiano Trojaborg
Photo: Mirjana Vrbaški

Malmö Theatre Academy welcomes a new doctoral student, Iury Salustiano Trojaborg.

Welcome to Malmö Theatre Academy, could you tell us a little bit about your research?

-Thank you. A central problem that my research project investigates is: how effective is it to tackle the concept of sustainability within the European performing arts context, without also dealing with the historical colonial past most European nations bear?

-My artistic research project “On Ancestrality and Regeneration: Performing Decolonial Journeys” aims to investigate ways of using performance art as a regenerative and socio-political tool to provoke change in the understanding of the lives of immigrants who, like me, willingly travelled the old colonial routes back to the European countries that colonised ours. It aims to explore the process of construction of cultural identities in a performative setting according to the intersection of gender, class and race, promoting in this way an active dialogue with the area where this research will take place: the multicultural community of Malmö, Sweden and its surroundings.

And what can you tell us about yourself, who are You?

-I am an interdisciplinary, queer, non-binary, migrant artist who has worked practically and theoretically in Theatre, Performance, Dance and Opera since 2006 in different environments and roles, including actor, performer, writer, director and dramaturge in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Poznan (Poland), Berlin (Germany) and Oldenburg (Germany).

-I have a BA in Acting from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2009) and a conjoint Erasmus Mundus MA in Performing Arts from the Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main and Københavns Universitet, Denmark (2012),

-And now I am also an artistic researcher and doctoral candidate at Malmö Theatre Academy. Fun facts about myself could be that I am madly in love with my dog Bilu, a five year old Brazilian terrier, I love capoeira and I find my inner peace in nature.

Iury Salustiano Trojaborg will, alongside docotral student Steinunn Knúts-Önnudóttir, become a part of Agenda 2030 Graduate School at Lund University

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