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Malmö Theatre Academy, Doctoral student, Charlotte Østergaard

Charlotte Østergaard


Malmö Theatre Academy, Doctoral student, Charlotte Østergaard

AweAre : An embodied explorative workshop: Co-costuming or co-wearing


  • Charlotte Østergaard

Summary, in English

In this explorative workshop I introduce the concept of co-costuming by inviting the participant to wear, explore and reflect on the bodily effects of costumes that connects two wearers. As researcher, I ask the participants to confront the ethically dimensions of the co-costumed experience (costumes that I produced and impose on wearers) that potentially is quite playful and, at the same time, bodily and socially restricts and/or exposes the co-wearers. No prior costume, dance or other knowledge or qualifications is needed to participate.

Co-costuming in connecting-costumes:
The structure of the costumes connects two wearers which in the wearing creates a dependency between the co-wearers. The co-dependency is ambiguous in the sense that if one wearer follows her/his own movement impulses, it, at the same time, might oppress the impulses or ripple into the movements of the co-wearer – at the same time the co-wearers collaboratively need to navigate the surroundings together. Therefor the experience of co-wearing potentially create 1) a hierarchy between the wearers, 2) a ‘playfull community’ between the co-wearers that exclude others and 3) exposes the wearer to the gaze of the others (to the co-wearer or/and by-passing people).


  • Lärare (Teaterhögskolan)






Konferens - annat


  • Performing Arts


  • Co-wearing
  • Costuming
  • Connecting costume
  • Embodiemt
  • Affect
  • Movement
  • artistic research
  • co-creative processes

Conference name

The Fourth Biennial PARSE Research Conference <br/><br/>

Conference date

2022-03-22 - 2022-03-23

Conference place

Gothenburg, Sweden




  • Crafting material bodies - ethical dilemmas of co-creative costume processes