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Norteas is a Nordplus network of Nordic and Baltic Performing Arts institutions in higher education. We focus on sharing about our everyday life. Norteas encourages students and teachers to seek innovation and new approaches to the already established practices, through the exchange of knowledge, experience and visions on contemporary performing arts and education.

Nortek opening teatern malmö theatre acaemy


Each member school is represented in Norteas by an academic leader and an international coordinator. Norteas chooses a chair and a network coordinator every second year at the annual network meeting. Additionally, three coordinators are selected for a working group that supports the network coordinator in administration such as applying for funding, distribution of grants, planning joint activities etc. The annual meeting takes place in February each year and consists of a joint network meeting, a coordinators' meeting and a meeting for academic leaders. This is where the network makes its decisions on projects and priorities. The meeting is an important platform for discussing future projects as well as an opportunity for staff development.


Member institutions


The Danish National School of Performing Arts
Den Danske Scenekunstskole
Rector: Mads Thygesen
Int. coordinator: Tine Damborg (tinedamborg [at] mac [dot] com)
Head of International Relations: Amanda Lützhøft (aml [at] scenekunstskolen [dot] dk)



The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Eesti Muusika ja Teatriakadeemia
Head of Department: Jaak Prints
Int. coordinator: Liina Jääts (liinuska [at] lavakas [dot] ee)

University of Tartu, Viljandi Culture Academy, Performing Arts Department
Tartu Ülikool Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia
Head of Department: Garmen Tabor
Int. Coordinator: Irene Hütsi (Irene [dot] hytsi [at] ut [dot] ee)



University of Tampere, Faculty of Communication Sciences
Tampereen yliopisto  
Professor: Pauliina Hulkko (pauliina [dot] hulkko [at] staff [dot] uta [dot] fi)
Int. coordinator: Anna Vähämäki (anna [dot] vahamaki [at] uta [dot] fi)

University of The Arts, Helsinki
Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu
Acting Dean: Maarit Ruikka
Int. coordinator: Jaakko Hannula (jaakko [dot] hannula [at] uniarts [dot] fi)

Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Department of Film, Television and Scenography

Dean: Anna Valtonen
Int. coordinator: Merja Vaisanen (merja [dot] vaisanen [at] aalto [dot] fi)



The National Theatre School of Greenland
Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia
Artistic Leader/Contact person: Ruth Montgomery-Andersen (ruth [at] nuis [dot] gl)



Iceland University of the Arts, Department of Performing Arts
Latvijas Kulturas akademija
Contact person: Prof. Zane Kreicberga (zane [at] theatre [dot] lv)



Latvian Academy of Culture
Listaháskóli Íslands
Dean of Department of Performing Arts: Steinunn Knútsdóttir
Int. coordinator: Alma Ragnarsdóttir (alma [at] lhi [dot] is)


Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Lietuvos Muzikos Ir Teatro Akademija
Dean of Faculty of Theatre and Film: Elona Bajoriniene (elona [dot] bajoriniene [at] lmta [dot] lt)
Int. coordinator: Giedrė Kabašinskienė (giedre [dot] kabasinskiene [at] lmta [dot] lt)



Norwegian Theatre Academy, Østfold University College
Hogskolen i Østfold
Artistic director - acting: Karmenlara Ely
Artistic director - Scenography: Serge von Arx
Int. coordinator: Pea Hov (pea [dot] hov [at] hiof [dot] no)

Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
Rector: Jørn Mortensen (jorn [dot] mortensen [at] khio [dot] no)
Dean, The Academy of Theatre: Jon Refsdal Moe (jon [dot] refsdal [dot] moe [at] khio [dot] no)
Int. coordinator: Espen Matheussen (EspeMath [at] khio [dot] no)

Høgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag
Rector: Ørjan Hattrem (orjan [dot] hattrem [at] hint [dot] no)
Int. coordinator: Katrine Bruvold (Katrine [dot] Bruvold [at] hint [dot] no)



Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts
Stockholms dramatiska högskola
Head of Derpartment of Acting: Simon Norrthon
Head of Department of Performing Arts: Kristina Molander
Int. coordinator: Katarina Tillberg (katarina [dot] tillberg [at] stdh [dot] uniarts [dot] se)

Luleå University of Technology
Teaterhögskolan i Luleå
Rector: Michael Norlind
Int. coordinator: Meit Levin (meit [dot] levin [at] ltu [dot] se) / Johan Forslund (johan [dot] forslund [at] ltu [dot] se)

Malmö Theatre Academy
Teaterhögskolan i Malmö
Rector: Ditte Maria Bjerg
Int. coordinator: Anders Mattsson (anders [dot] mattsson [at] thm [dot] lu [dot] se)

The Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg
Högskolan för scen och musik vid Göteborgs universitet
Acting Head of Department: Thomas Jäderlund
Head of Performing Arts programme: Catharina Bergil (catharina [dot] bergil [at] hsm [dot] gu [dot] se)
Int. coordinator: Ulf Sarner (ulf [dot] sarner [at] hsm [dot] gu [dot] se)


Norteas -a Nordplus network of Nordic and Baltic Performing Arts institutions in higher education.


Seminar at Malmö Theatre Academy Feb 8-9th, 2019

norteas 2019 malmö theatre academy


Empowerment of the Future Performing Artist / Seminar at Malmö Theatre Academy

Friday, February 8, 2019 15:00  
Saturday, February 9, 2019 16:00


NORTEAS - Empowerment of the Future Performing Artist, OMSLAG