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New professor in theatre and artistic research at Malmö Theatre Academy, Lund University

Esa Kirkkopelto

Esa Kirkkopelto is appointed new professor at Malmö Theatre Academy, Lund University.

Kirkkopelto have solid experience of artistic research at an international level and has contributed to the international research community of theatre. He has been active as an artist since 1988 and among other things has worked with theatre and playwright and director. He also has a long experience of working as teacher and mentor at all academic levels.


Kirkkopeltos career in artistic research started with doctoral studies in aesthetics at university of Helsingfors after finishing doctoral studies in philosophy at university of Strasbourg.


Between 2007 and 2017 Kirkkopelto was a professor at the artistic research department at Uniarts in Helsinki. After his professorship ended he became responsible for the creation and implementation of the doctoral studies at CfAR – the Centre for Artistic Research at Uniarts until 2018. His own research has been noticed internationally through books, chapters and articles that he has published through the years and through presentations that he has done at different research conferences.



  • ­My research, taking place in the fields of artistic research, artistic pedagogy, theatre and performance studies, performance philosophy, continental aesthetics and posthumanist studies, has nowadays three interrelated focus areas: inter-artistic and interdisciplinary compositions, theory and pedagogy of the corporeal performance, and the posthuman performance, says Esa.


At Malmö Theatre Academy Kirkkopelto will lead and develop the artistic research environment and education as well as conduct his own research development in the field.


  • I am excited about the opportunities Malmö and Lund provide, especially as what comes to inter-artistic and interdisciplinary collaborations. I hope I could contribute to the creation of a collegial and operative research community consisting of people with different interests and orientations but based on the study of common topics, says Esa.