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Changing the Curriculum

Seminar at Malmö Theatre Academy 13. November 2018

The program and its discussions are hosted and moderated by Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt. For specific questions regarding the program or practical questions, please contact Lisa Mårtensson.



10-10:30: Coffee and Croissants
10:30-11: State of the Arts by Ditte Maria Bjerg, Fredrik Haller and Jörgen Dahlqvist

11-12: Keynotes

20 min Linn Hilda Lamberg: How to Educate Gods and Monsters
20 min Fabián Barba: International Schools for a Culturally-Specific Art Form?

12-13:00: Definitions & Experiences
Relations to the keywords community, criticality, collectivity and concept

13-14: LUNCH

14:00-15:00: Teaching Tomorrow
Workshop developing radical courses in small groups

15-15:10: Coffee and fika
15:10-15:30: Katya Sander reflects on Changing the Curriculum 15:30-16:15: Plenum discussion
16:15-16:30: State of the Futures by Ditte Maria Bjerg 



Linn Hilda Lamberg is the artistic leader of Swedish performance company Poste Restante, recognized for challenging conventions regarding the relationship between art and audience. In their wayward work the visitors are invited to a personal exploration of complicated questions. Linn Hilda Lamberg has been teaching as a lecturer at Stockholm University of the Arts as well as a guest teacher at schools such as Helsinki University of the Arts and University of the Arts, Crafts and Design.

Fabián Barba was born in Quito, where they studied theatre, dance and literature. In 2004 they migrated to Brussels to study at PARTS. Next to sparsely doing their own artistic work, they dance in the company Zoo/Thomas Hauert.
Since 2009 they have been busy trying to understand the relation between coloniality and contemporary dance. Since 2011 they have been guest faculty at the Middelburg decolonial summer school and is part of the Decolonial Epistemologies Dance Lab.

Katya Sander is a conceptual artist. She works on the production and circulation of social imaginaries, investigating how collective imaginaries are constructed, and how they influence our actions and understanding of who we are. She is interested in structures, models and images through which we imagine ourselves as groups, communities and societies, and through which we also imagine what we can do. Architecture and language and their roles in the production of meaning and sociality play a central role. Sander often places her work outside of identifiable art-contexts, as interventions or collaborations with other actors.
Sander was professor at the Royal Danish Art Academy until 2017, and is currently professor at Lofoten Filmacademy. She lives and works in Berlin.



at the seminar

Abbas Mroueh - Cultural venue shareholder (Sorte Firkant, Cph)
Annika Nyman - PhD Associate at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö, playwright
Astrid Hansen Holm - Programmer at HAUT
Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk - Professor at Østfold University and Teaterhögskolan in Malmö Carina Ehrenholm - Performance artist and lecturer in theatre and society
Daniel Wedel – Director, author, producer
Ebba Petrén - Performance artist and guest teacher at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö
Eira Fråjdh - Performance artist and student at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö
Etta Safve - Artist and guest teacher at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö
Firas Mahmoud - Producer
Iggy Lond Malmborg - Performance artist
John Hanse - PhD Associate at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö, director
Jonas Åkesson - Sound and video designer and guest teacher at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö
Josette Bushell-Mingo - Prefekt at Uniarts Stockholm, director
Julia Cechal - Performance artist and student at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö
Kent Sjöström - Lecturer at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö
Linda Ritzén - Lecturer in acting, actor and director
Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov - Perfomance artist and lecturer in theatre and society Mathias Kryger - Performance artist, curator and art critic

Moeisha Aden - Activist and performer
Sofie Volquartz Lebech - Performance artist and PhD associate/University of Cph


Ditte Maria Bjerg, director, Prefekt at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö
Tanja Diers, dramaturge
Jörgen Dahlqvist, director, playwright and senior lecturer at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö Fredrik Haller, director, playwright and senior lecturer at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, performance artist, curator, PhD associate/University of Cph Lisa Mårtensson, performance artist, producer 


Seminar 13. November 2018

at Malmö Theatre Academy

changing curriculum