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Malmölärare till Brasilien

Malmölärare till Brasilien

Kent Sjöström, forskare och lärare på Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, ger workshop på Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brasilien en vecka i  november 2015: The Creative Gap – The Actor and Technology. (Seminário O Corpo e o Virtual: Perspectivas de Interação entre Performer e Tecnologia)

Ämnet för workshopen är de utmaningar som skådespelarens identitet och representativitet ställs inför i mötet med teknologi. Workshopen avslutas med seminariet The Actor Challenged - Technology as Threat or Tool. Mer om workshopen och seminariet kan du läsa här:


“Technology can both support and destroy the idea of here and now when it comes to time and space in the performance. When we use technology as a mean to present a scenic material we create a tension between different types of representation. It can produce creative gap, but also painful disruptions. The actor’s privileged position to represent the world is also challenged in this approach. If the dramatic text and the body have had a crucial position in the theatre in the last two centuries, we now see how room and space is at stake. Who owns and defines the performative space as it is now moving outside the theatre building, into the internet as well as into the street? 

The seminar could include reflections on different viewpoints on the actor’s methodological discussion on the function of a character, in relation to "inner truth" or essentialism; the personality as fragments; different viewpoints on character, role, figure; the role of the physical action in scenic representation; social media's role in creating characters, more or less artificial or authentic; etc. All this could hopefully be extended to a theoretical discussion about identity and representation."