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The Theatre Academy in Malmö has a broad base in the contemporary artistic research environment, both through its post-doctoral researchers and through the involvement of its teaching staff in various artistic projects.

Two researchers, Sven Bjerstedt and Kent Sjöström, work as lecturers at the Theatre Academy and in the administration of research studies at the faculty. Sven Bjerstedt earned his PhD in music education in 2014 with his thesis on Storytelling in Jazz Improvisation: Implications of a Rich Intermedial Metaphor. His research addresses how we can attain a deeper understanding of music and theatre by studying concepts borrowed from different art forms. Kent Sjöström earned his PhD in theatre in 2007 with a thesis entitled Skådespelaren i handling: strategier för tanke och kropp (The actor in action: strategies for body and mind). His current research concerns the values and ideologies which surround or are inherent to the actor’s practice, often in connection with the theories of Bertolt Brecht.


The Academy runs a PhD programme in theatre and has four doctoral students: actors Petra Fransson – admitted in 2009 – and Ellen Nyman, playwright Annika Nyman, and director John Hanse, all admitted in 2015.


Playwright Christina Ouzounidis earned her PhD in 2016 with a thesis entitled Tvivel. Replikernas poetik (Doubt: The poetics of the theatrical lines), and former lecturer Erik Rynell defended his doctoral thesis in 2008 at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, on the subject of Action Reconsidered: Cognitive Aspects of the Relation between Script and Scenic Action.


Other research-oriented projects with links to the Theatre Academy in Malmö, often in collaboration with Teatr Weimar, are run by Jörgen Dahlqvist, Fredrik Haller and Linda Ritzén. These projects are part of the active fringe theatre scene in Malmö and include both independent theatre artists and other higher education institutions in the fine and performing arts.