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Programmes and courses

Malmö Theatre Academy has Bachelor’s programmes in Acting and Dramatic Writing, a Master’s programme in Theatre and an artistic doctoral training programme. We also run a separate course in the Theory and Practice of Theatre together with the Centre for Languages and Literature in Lund. The Academy focuses on offering a consistent range of programmes and courses over the long term, and on close interaction between the different subjects. The school has close contact with theatres and other institutions that provide drama education in Sweden. For many years, international contacts have also helped to shape the school. Our teaching facilities are located in central Malmö close to our own fully equipped theatre for public performances.

Bachelor’s Programme in Acting

The aim of the programme is to produce creative and autonomous actors who can work with others to respond to artistic requirements in various theatrical contexts. Twelve students are usually admitted each year, out of almost a thousand applicants. In addition to stage performance training, technical subjects such as movement, voice and speech, song, music and theory are offered. The three-year programme leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

Bachelor’s Programme in Scenic and Dramatic Writing

The programme has a clear methodological approach that is intended to work irrespective of the style, genre or aesthetic direction in which the student's fiction writing develops. The most important element is for students to learn to relate their work on a text to the theatrical action and situation. Learning this entails acquiring an investigative attitude in writing. It is the basis for the interaction of the text with the actor's work and results in an increased freedom in writing for the stage. The three-year programme leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Scenic and Dramatic Writing.

The Theory and Practice of Theatre

Malmö Theatre Academy and the Centre for Languages and Literature in Lund offer a free-standing course called the Theory and Practice of Theatre in order to renew Swedish theatre research and theatre education. The main aim of the course is to combine scientific and theoretical study of theatre with artistic and practical aspects. This type of training is already found in Germany, the UK and the United States. There it has contributed to a renewal of theatre practice and a fruitful extension of the theatre concept. The long-term aim of this course is to create a new field of knowledge, where traditional training in theatre studies and performing arts jointly seek an understanding of the role of the theatre in society.

The course is offered at undergraduate level.

Master’s Programme in Theatre

The programme offers a deepening of previous studies and professional activities in the performing arts. The goal is to develop the students’ artistic methodology and approach to their own profession. On graduation, the students will have acquired the tools to operate and develop artistic processes and realise theatrical projects, and thus be involved in developing contemporary performing arts.

Students work together to solve acting problems in order to develop an artistic methodology for approaching the text, acting and space in new ways. Students should also consider how they can collaborate in the creation of an artistic project, from idea and concept to communication with an audience. Supervision is provided on an individual basis to aid the individual’s development, and in groups to aid the development of the project. Each project ends with a performance-like presentation. The two-year programme leads to a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre (two years) with the possibility of exiting the programme with a one-year Master’s degree after one year.

Research and research studies

Malmö Theatre Academy has two full-time researchers. In addition to this, the school has a research studies programme with two doctoral students.