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The Theory and Practice of Theatre

The Theory and Practice of Theatre explores a new field of knowledge, where traditional training in theatre studies and performing arts jointly seek an understanding of theatre practice and the role of theatre in society. The primary aim of the subject is to combine the scientific and artistic study of theatre with theoretical and practical aspects. Teaching takes place in equal parts at the Centre for Languages and Literature in Lund and at Malmö Theatre Academy, both belonging to Lund University.

The Theory and Practice of Theatre explores practical, scenic, artistic, and cultural critical work. On the first course, students work to critically examine contemporary performing arts practice, applying various analytical tools to theatrical texts and the theatrical event as a whole, and by acting the theatrical situation themselves. Through insights into the practical design process at various theatres, students are also given opportunities to understand the entire creative process that leads to a finished performing arts show. In addition, students acquire proficiency in writing about the performing arts and communicating their experience to the public. Although the starting point of the course is today's theatre situation, it also includes historical overviews and insights into various theatre and acting traditions, and performative techniques. The course also addresses performing arts as a social practice through which we construct our social and cultural identities. On the second course, the focus is on artistic and scientific methods, as well as on personal creativity combined with reflection on one’s own and others’ practice.

Those who want to orient themselves in the practical and theoretical fields of theatre get a good glimpse of how the performing arts are created and the theatre's various professional roles, an overview of the social conditions of theatre production and knowledge of theatre studies theory.

The Theory and Practice of Theatre gives a good initial foundation for the future search for jobs as producer, critic, cultural writer, director or dramatist. Additionally, the courses give an insight into the artistic working field of the theatre.