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Malmö Theatre Academy

Malmö Theatre Academy is a focal point for discussions about theatre and performing arts, a place where we explore what it means to be human and how this can be represented.

The courses and study programmes have their origins in the drama school that started at Malmö City Theatre in 1944. In 1964 we became the National Stage School and in 1977 the Theatre Academy, part of Lund University. Over the years the school has trained over 500 actors. For the past ten years we have also had a programme in dramatic writing. Both the acting and dramatic writing programmes are available at Bachelor’s level and can be taken further at Master’s level. We are the only theatre academy in the country to have started a free-standing course with a focus on the dynamic boundary between theory and practice: the Theory and Practice of Theatre. The course is offered in collaboration with the Centre for Language and Literature at Lund University.

Art is all about knowledge - it is based on knowledge and generates new knowledge. The performing arts are constantly changing in terms of both content and expression. The boundaries between different art forms vary, as do the boundaries between theory and practice. At the Malmö Theatre Academy, we believe in a thorough training that provides concrete methods and the ability to switch between making and reflecting on what is made. Our aim is to produce artists who have great freedom in their expressions – so that they can meet all the diverse challenges in the modern theatre today.

Malmö Theatre Academy has the ambition to be a leader in investigating and establishing what the performing arts are and can be today. The Master’s programme strives to further develop the artistry that begins during the Bachelor’s programmes into more advanced artistic research. The Theatre Academy has collaborated with other major theatre academies in Europe for many years and is working to widen and renew this network.

The school's doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers help to develop  an environment for artistic research.

We strive to combine tradition with contemporary challenges in the theatre. We want to approach current and future performing arts with curiosity and knowledge and play an extensive part in helping to shape them.