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Performance och Community

This course was held online 14 June -18 July, 2021

Performance and Community is a summer course for students and artists interested in working with artistic projects that includes collaborative processes with civic society and communities outside of the artistic field. The course also explores the community building capacities of performing arts practice and discusses the various ethical dilemmas and understandings regarding collaborative work. Collaborative methods and collective work will be discussed from philosophical, ethical and aesthetic perspectives.

During the summer course the students will work with individual projects with the headteacher Nasim Aghili as supervisor. The course also includes seminars, lectures and artist presentations by guest teachers. In seminars, central concepts such as decoloniality and intersectionality are discussed. There will also be focus on ethical discussions connected to performing arts based on examples of projects and artistic practices engaged in the social field. Based on an intersectional understanding of the artistic practice, relevant works are discussed, and critical issues are formulated and discussed. Guest lecturers present their own artistic projects and examples in relation to the aim and contents of the course. Participation in seminars and individual supervision sessions is compulsory.

Entry requirements

Special entry requirements are studies with artistic specialisation of at least 60 credits or the equivalent.

Selection takes place through judgement of personal letter with explanation to why the applicant wants to enter the course and a presentation of an own artistic project that the applicant plans to work with during the course.


Nasim Aghili (b. 1980) is a Swedish-Iranian artist, director, writer and performer. Nasim works in the field of performing and fine arts and their participatory performances, theatre installations and art in the public space often deal with the experience of existing and living in different forms of exile and take the form of healing rituals. Nasim Aghili’s plays have been translated to different languages such as English, Spanish and Arabic and their work has been performed or presented in countries such as Puerto Rico, England, Mexico, US, Holland, Estonia and Sápmi. Nasim works in the queer feminist collective Ful and together with the artist and horticulturalist Björn Karlsson in the duo aghili/karlsson. The last few years they have been engaged in international projects that explore radical gardening, civil disobedience and the aesthetics of sisterhood – mainly with artists, activists and collectives whose work involves various forms of decolonising practices. 

Read more about works of Nasim Aghili at:

Kvinna i orange tröja håller upp en skylt framför sig med ett textbudskap. Foto
From Shoresh/The-Ground-Is-On-Fire. Foto: Thomas Straub



Marta Malmsten
Tel: +46 40 32 55 67
marta [dot] malmsten [at] thm [dot] lu [dot] se

Sofie Lebech

SKÅN20, 7,5 credits

Course syllabus, in English (pdf, 231kB, new window)
Course syllabus in Swedish (pdf, 280kB, new window)