Scenkonstarbete (Performing Arts Project)

(SKÅA89, 7,5hp)

Kursen Scenkonstarbete (SKÅA89, 7,5hp, kursplan) består främst av enskild handledning på distans som ges av kursledaren Iggy Malmborg på antingen engelska eller svenska. 
Kursperioden är 8 juni – 12  juli, 2020.

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Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Sommarkurs 2020, Scenkonstarbete Iggy Malmborg, foto  Rene Altrov
Iggy Malmborg, foto Rene Altrov
Iggy Malmborg, foto Rene Altrov

Kursdeltagarna kommer enskilt under handledning att få utveckla imaginära projekt, som under kursens gång kommer att få genomgå de flesta stadier vi möter i en scenkonst-process, enda fram till första steget "på golvet". Där kommer vi istället flytta oss till de tänkta efterdyningarna av det spelade verket och i ett sista steg forma en anekdot ur publikperspektiv till, det aldrig spelade, verket. 
Detaljerad beskrivning av kursen samt om kursläraren på engelska nedan. 


För att bli antagen till kursen skall den sökande ha grundläggande behörighet för högskolestudier eller motsvarande.
Särskild behörighet är kurserna;
Skådespelarutbildning termin 1, 30 hp, och Skådespelarutbildning termin 2, 30 hp,
eller Dramatikerutbildning termin 1, 30 hp, och Dramatikerutbildning termin 2, 30 hp,
eller Teaterns teori och praktik: Grundkurs, 60 hp,
eller motsvarande.
I ansökan ska bifogas en beskrivning av projektet som sökande önskar genomföra under kursens gång.

Förtur ges till sökande som genomfört kurserna SKÅA01 och SKÅA02, SKÅD11 och SKÅD12, TTPA01 eller motsvarande.


Urval sker genom bedömning av ansökan med projektbeskrivning av handledare samt examinator på kursen.




English course description

The course Performing Arts Project (SKÅA89, 7,5hp) will be held as an online course between June 8 - July 5, 2020. You apply to the course via

We all know (and most of has said out) the old trope "one cannot catch theatre through documentation, it has to be seen live !", which is old simply because it is true. What Erika Fischer-Lichte famously coined as the autopoetic feedback loop does not stick on film. Yet, many of the works that have made a great impact on the performing arts field were only performed in front of a small audience, often in a time before we were born and we are left with small snippets of video, some photos and most of all the anecdote. At present times we are all (for pragmatic reasons) wondering how a theatre without the traditional setting of having many present spectators in the same space could look. It seems like the screen or film has been the over all response.

In this workshop we will dive deeper into the last form of documentation mentioned; the anecdote. The students will develop a work for stage, with all the necessary preparations included, up to the point of making the first step on stage - where we instead will move into a phantasmatic venue. After the five week course the students will have enough material for both the beginning of a rehearsal period and a anecdote of a striking piece of performance, that never happened.

COURSE PLAN / Implementation

The course will mainly consist individual work and online one-to-one mentoring. At times we will meet in the whole group for seminars and introductions. 

The time will be separated in two separate sections a) concept development, where the student will construct a (cerebral) piece of performance, including conceptualization, dramaturgy and composition. B) The second phase is a construction of the anecdote, which will happen through both speaking practices and writing. By the end of the workshop each student will have a presentation, online.

Iggy Lond Malmborg 

is an actor and performance maker based in Malmö and Tallinn. Though a formation in traditional acting (the Theatre academy of Malmö) his pieces span over a wide range of aesthetics and styles, both solo and collaborative work. His main artistic interest is to use the performance event as a model onto which the pieces discourse directly can be applied. By using strategies that can be compared to minimalism, he sheds light on the politics of theatre and read it as a hierarchical machine with (unconscious) patterns of inclusion and exclusion. 

Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Iggy Malmborg, Scenkonstarbete, sommarkurs 2020
Iggy Malmborg
Iggy Malmborg, foto Rene Altrov

He is currently touring with b o n e r (2014), 99 Words for Void (duo with Maike Lond Malmborg, 2015), Physics and Phantasma (2017) and Things in my mouth (2019). All which are made in close collaboration with Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn). The works have been presented in festivals and venues such as: Spielart (Münich), Baltic Circle (Helsinki), TnBA (Bordeaux), Baltoscandal (Rakvere), Auawirleben (Bern), Nanterre-Amandiers (Paris), FFT (Düsseldorf), Bastard Festival (Trondheim), Sophiensäle (Berlin), Staatstheater Nürnberg, Nowy Teatr (Warsaw), Palm Off Fest (Prague) and Dublin Theatre Festival. 

Since 2009 he is collaborating with Johannes Schmit under the name White on White, during the season 17/18 they premiered Fuck me ! (we didn’t make it) and Tyskland at Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin.



(Performing Arts Project)

SKÅA89, 7,5hp

Kursperiod: 8 juni – 12 juli, 2020. 


Marta Malmsten
marta [dot] malmsten [at] thm [dot] lu [dot] se