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Master’s Programme in Performing Arts as Critical Practice

The Master’s Programme in Performing Arts with a specialisation in Critical Practice is a two-year international programme in which studies are full-time.

The programme explores a critical performing arts practice with a socially engaged focus and promotes knowledge of how to initiate and build new alliances and arenas, both within and outside existing structures.

The programme is directed towards performing artists (within theatre, dance and performance)  who are interested in social, political and cultural structures. The programme is structured around how to work in a collaborative, critical and research-based way to explore what function and impact an art practice can bring forth in different contexts, environments and places, and how these interactions can challenge and develop the student’s art practice towards new directions.

The student’s professional opportunities are enhanced regarding teaching, curating, extended art practice and social practice. A focus on critical theory and artistic research prepares them to pursue a doctoral programme, or to teach in higher education.

The student will gain an understanding of the context, which can be described on the level of a community, city or region and also on the level of identifying the concrete site, such as a street, school, park, home or theatre. The programme is based on an understanding that we are never alone and therefore have to build alliances, and that we are always in a specific context, which we need to understand in order to build new arenas.

Collaborative partners

Characteristic of socially engaged art is the vital importance of identifying whom the artist wishes to engage with and where they wish to engage. Or, to put it in other terms, what are the alliances and arenas for the project? In the programme, the student will develop relationships and build alliances with individuals, organisations and/or institutions.

To help the students identify collaborators and thus initiate an alliance, Malmö Theatre Academy has established partnerships with a diverse range of art institutions, societal stakeholders and artistic communities, primarily in the Öresund region;

Helamalmö, Malmö Art Museum, Malmö City Theatre, City of Malmö’s Culture Department, Lighting Metropolis, Region Skåne’s Culture Department, Skånes Dansteater, Unga Klara, Warehouse9.

Basic information about the programme

Duration: 2 years
Language of instruction: English
Campus: Malmö Theatre Academy (Sweden)
Admission requirements: Degree of Bachelor, Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts, vocational degree that includes at least 120 credits or an equivalent degree earned abroad.

Remote teaching will be part of the programme.

Apply here

Application period:
June 1 - Aug 17 2022

Programme start: Jan 20 2023


Marta Malmsten
marta [dot] malmsten [at] thm [dot] lu [dot] se

Ditte Maria Bjerg
ditte [dot] bjerg [at] thm [dot] lu [dot] se