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Work in the Field by students MA Performing Arts as Critical Practice

Photograph of threes, black and white.

The participants in the MA Performing Arts as Critical Practice have started their independent Work in the Field projects this Spring.

The eight participants have partnered up with performing arts venues and will conduct artistic investigations, involving different communities and organizations in Malmö, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Prague, and the small island of Møn. They will be sharing their research throughout March and in April in open rehearsals, work-in-progress showings and performative installations.

Dina Gordon is working at Malmö Stadsteater on two devised pieces: a solo work and a group work, performed by three teenagers. During the work in the field, she aims to observe her way of composing material by means of improvisation. She will use the time to research whether it’s possible to make improvisation work as the actual content of a performance, and not only the base or inspiration for it.

Photo of Dina Gordon.

Jurrien van Rheenen works with documentary material in the theatre, investigating how the embodiment of lived experiences can bring about social or even political change. For several years she has been working around the transformation of the Dutch welfare system. In the upcoming months she continues this research but with a focus on the changes and limitations in the Swedish welfare system. She will work together with Shada-Helin Sulhav from Malmö Stadsteater research and try out different theatrical forms to embody and give tangible insights of the effects that the current welfare policies have on people's lives.

Photograph of Jurrien van Rheenen.

Sall Lam Toro will be working in Møn at a residency lab for two weeks in collaboration with Hosting Lands on the first trajectory of their research project regarding eco ressonance and embodiment in performativities of rage within eco landscapes. They are also performing at the International Performance Art Festival at Huset Teater in Copenhagen part of "managing discomfort" program in March.

Zsofi Rebeka Kozma is researching the dilemmas around staying in or leaving from contemporary Hungary through autobiographical and documentary materials, together with her Budapest-based performance group (National Performance Art Theater Collective) who will join for rehearsals in Malmö at Skånes Dansteater and will participate at BAZAAR Festival Residency in Prague, Czech Republic.

Printscreen from a digital meeting between four people.

Maryam Hashempour collaborates with Unga Klara in Stockholm and will lead a series of experimental theater workshops for teenagers, exploring effective contemporary theater tools for their artistic expression. Together with Sall Lam Toro, Maryam will also be part of a performative walk during the CPH:DOX Documentary film festival after the screening of the film Little Amal, telling stories about refugee children orphaned by war in Syria.  

Filip Pawlak is conducting research at Skånes Dansteater and Warehouse9 on the positioning of trauma in the formation processes of positive identities of marginalised groups, together with questions - how is the pride of excluded groups born? Does it have to be built on struggle and harm, what do crip and queer strategies tell us about this?

Photograph of FIlip Pawlak on a theatre stage.

Laura Stasane works for the coming weeks with the Copenhagen based organisation Metropolis, searching through the landscape and the experience of pain.

Monirah Hashemi directed Gold Zombies about a 16-year-old who creates online makeup tutorials from her home in a war zone at the Gerhart Hauptmann Theater in Görlitz. In Malmö she works with the Community Arts Centre researching the Afghan diaspora in the city.

Here are the open events in the coming period:

8/3 at 15.00 – 16.30: Zsófi Rebeka Kozma has an Open Rehearsal at Skånes Danseteater, where she has been working with her group from Budapest for a week. Please sign up if you are coming: npszkollektiva [at] gmail [dot] com (npszkollektiva[at]gmail[dot]com)

11/3 at 19.00: “A night with Buddha”, event created by Monirah Hashemi in collaboration with Community Kultur Centrum. To be confirmed.

14/3 + 15/3 at 20.00: Sall Lam Toro presents work “Obsidiana” as part of International Queer Performance Festival, curated by Warehouse9 at Husets Teater in Copenhagen. Tickets can be found here

16/3: Filip Pawlak participates in the International Queer Performance Festival and Warehouse 9 at Dansekapellet in Copenhagen. Read more here.

21/3 at 15.30: Dina Gordon is showing a “Work-in-progress” at Malmö Stadsteater. Read more here.
Has reoccurring feedback-sessions same place from 18.00 – 19.30 on the following dates: 23/2, 29/2, 8/3 and 14/3.
Please sign up if you are coming to: dinagordon90 [at] gmail [dot] com

22/3 at 15.00 at Studio D (THM): Jurrien van Rheenen is sharing “Work-in-progress”, a collaboration with Shada Sulhav, actor from the ensemble at Malmö Stadsteater. Sign up: jurrien [dot] van_rheenen [dot] 0271 [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (jurrien[dot]van_rheenen[dot]0271[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se) 

22/3 at 17.00 at Studio D (THM): Laura Stasane is sharing “Work-in-progress". Sign up: la7184st-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (la7184st-s[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se)

22/03 from 14:30: film screening at Empire Bio cinema in nørrebro (copenhagen): Sall Lam Toro + Maryam Hashempour are presenting a performative walk talk in Copenhagen as part of documentary film festival CPH: DOX after the film “Little Amal”. 

Read more here.

7/4 between 12.00 – 16.00: Filip Pawlak at Skånes Danseteater hosting public event in the foyer. More information will follow.