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Other research projects

Read more about our Senior research projects and our Artistic Development projects – a short-term research projects conducted by teachers at Malmö Theatre Academy.

Senior research projects

Improvisation and intention: Toward a theory of improvisatory cognition

Sven Bjerstedt

The study of improvisatory action and the kinds of cognition at work in such action may offer valuable contributions to our general understanding of the human mind and human action.

Improvisatory behaviour is arguably central to all human action, not least to oral conversation. This project is based on the notion that the complexities of musical improvisation may make this specific activity a suitable lens through which issues of great general importance to cognitive research can be explored and interpreted.

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Thinking with Performance: Research based Aesthetics in Times of Conflict and Crisis

Sofie Lebech

Project to re-examine, edit and publish the previous PhD thesis Thinking with Performance to question and sharpen what performance research is. Furthermore, the researcher wants to discuss how to create sustainable performance spaces for thinking where concepts such as co-reflection, co-creation and co-consensus are important for the democratic and political potential. Research practice includes performance, performance writing and theoretical writing and it is between these fields that critical thinking and creation emerge.

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Artistic development projects

The primarily purpose of the projects is to develop the artistic and pedagogical teacher skills, improve the forms and quality of the training, and to document and share professional knowledge. The projects are carried out in collaboration with senior researchers and doctoral students.

Gender-conscious acting (ended)

Pelle Hanæus

The project aimed to find out how methods of "gender-conscious acting" contribute to the Stanislavsky-based "method of physical acts", in the Bachelors Programme in acting at Malmö Theatre Academy.

Musikens betydelse i sceniskt skådespelararbete

Monica Tyllgren

The project aims to explore and deepen the knowledge about the importance and possibilities of a sung melody in acting. Can a sung melody enhance the text/story and the scenic expression? If so, in what ways? The project aims to clarify the importance of music/melody and singing in a theatrical work, where the text and its presentation are told in an enhanced form.

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