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Malmö Theatre Academy, Doctoral student, Charlotte Østergaard

Charlotte Østergaard


Malmö Theatre Academy, Doctoral student, Charlotte Østergaard

Community Walk : immersive co-costumed performance experience


  • Charlotte Østergaard

Summary, in English

This immersive co-costumed performance experience invites the audience to participate. Wearing a “costume for two” (over your own clothes), you will embark on an exploratory and playful walking journey in a community of other co-costumed couples.

Community Walk is an immersive co-costumed performance experience that invites the audience to participate and encounter costume in a non-traditional way. As a participant, wearing a “costume for two” (worn over your own clothes), you will be invited on an exploratory and playful “walking journey” through the area of Pražská Tržnice in a community of other co-costumed pairs (people you may or may not know).

Community Walk introduces the concept of co-costuming and co-wearing–concepts where a costume connects several wearers. In Community Walk the costume acts as a vehicle to create creative and joyful spaces for embodied conversations and entanglements between the wearers. The costume is an invitation to become aware of, care for and influence each other. Together with your co-wearing partner you can engage with other people, different urban/natural objects and the surrounding space in a variety of ways.

As a co-wearing pair, you will explore what happens when you are physically connected to a co-wearing partner, e.g. how your movements affect the individual and collective experience, and how you need to navigate and negotiate other people and the urban landscape/space together. As a co-wearer, you are invited to stretch and test the limits of the costume, for example by pulling the materiality of the costume in different directions. The connecting part of the costume is an encouragement to tangle with other co-wearing pairs, trees, lampposts and other interesting things you encounter on the walk.

The immersive co-costumed performance experience will be hosted by Charlotte Østergaard. As host, Charlotte will introduce the costume and guide the walk. For those who have time, the journey ends with a sharing.

No skills are required other than the ability to walk and curiosity. There is a maximum of 20 participants for each immersive costumed performance experience. Duration 1.5 hours.


  • Lärare (Teaterhögskolan)






Konstnärligt arbete


Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, PQ performance


  • Performing Arts


  • Costumed perfomance
  • costume thinking
  • material thinking
  • movement
  • immersive performance
  • participatory performance
  • participatory costumed performance




  • Crafting material bodies - exploring co-creative costume processes