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Subscribe to TimeEdit schedules

Everyone in our organization can search for their own and others' TimeEdit schedules in TimeEdit. You can also search for schedules for classes and individual students, as well as the schedule/bookings for the premises.

jBy adding a subscription to a TimeEdit schedule in your calendar program (Outlook or other app), you can access calendars and TE schedule at the same time and can quickly get a complete overview of how you, or someone else, is busy or available (instead of opening both calendar and TE separately). This can be helpful both for your own planning and for finding a time for a meeting etc. with someone else.

  • Log in to TimeEdit and choose Teaterhögskolan Malmö
print screen av time edit
  • Search the schedule of the person/class/room you want to subscribe to and click on Show schedule.
sökning i time edit
  • Change the time period from one week to 12 months ahead (rolling): click on the end date and then the following in the box that appears: Rolling end > change from week to month > +12
Skärmdump från TimeEdit: ändra tidsperiod
Skärmdump från TimeEdit: rullande slut 12 månader
Skärmdump från TimeEdit: 12 månader framåt
  • Click on Subscribe and select "This month +12 months".
Skärmdump från TimeEdit: prenumerera 12 månader framåt
  • Copy the link in the box and paste it into the calendar program that will subscribe to the schedule.
Skärmdump från TimeEdit: prenumerationslänk