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Work environment

The work with environment work at Malmö Theater Academy is systematic and includes the physical, organizational and social work environment as well as fire protection and safety.

The Faculty Board

It is the task of the Faculty Board to decide on the overall and long-term work environment policy. This is done through the work environment coordinator at the faculty.

The department board

The department board sets the guidelines for the department's work environment and safety work. The board develops an action plan for the department's long-term level of ambition in the work and is responsible for following up the results.

Head of Department

The Head of Department is responsible for the department's overall physical, organizational and social work environment as well as for fire protection and safety. This responsibility applies to both employees and students. In cases where students or employees have their education/employment at different departments, it is the head of department at each department that is responsible for the student's work environment and safety.

Performance appraisals with staff are conducted by the head of department, heads of education, administrative managers and unit managers/leaders. The overall responsibility for the psychosocial work environment lies with the Head of Department.

The head of department also has a general duty to supervise the work within the department and is a member of the faculty's local safety committee (LSK).

Work environment responsible

Ditte Bjerg
070-266 69 07
ditte [dot] bjerg [at] thm [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: Arbetsmilj%C3%B6) (ditte[dot]bjerg[at]thm[dot]lu[dot]se)

Fredrik Haller (deputy)
040-32 55 94
fredrik [dot] haller [at] thm [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: Arbetsmilj%C3%B6) (fredrik[dot]haller[at]thm[dot]lu[dot]se)



Jan Michelsen
Health and safety representative
+46 40 32 55 82
jan [dot] michelsen [at] thm [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: Skyddsombud) (jan[dot]michelsen[at]thm[dot]lu[dot]se)

Richard Kolnby
+46 40 32 55 71
richard [dot] kolnby [at] thm [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: Skyddsombud) (richard[dot]kolnby[at]thm[dot]lu[dot]se)

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