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When you are away from work

This is what you do when you are absent from work for a short or long period of time.

How to notify your presence and absence

You communicate your presence and absence with your manager, you inform your colleagues and, where appropriate, with students. There is a white sign and a pen outside your room. This is where your name is written and where you should leave a message if, for example, you are on official business - where you are and when you are expected back.

In Outlook, it is also possible to add an absence message, it is important to do this so that those who send you emails do not expect a reply when you are not at work.

If you are sick

You make your own sickness and health notification in the Primula payroll system. You notify your immediate manager/colleagues/students through Teams. Your colleague writes your absence on your door sign.


Care of a sick child is reported in the same way as above by registering "Parental leave" in Primula.


In your department, the issue of holidays is raised directly with your manager. You then register the granted leave in Primula. The manager approves it in the system. You communicate your absence with colleagues/students.

Leave of absence

Leave of absence or percentage leave/reduction of time is granted by your manager. Leave of absence is applied for in Primula and approved by your manager. You communicate your absence with colleagues/students.

Business trip

Business trips and conferences or similar events must be approved by your line manager in advance, and you must also discuss any reimbursement of expenses, allowances or similar with your manager in advance.