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Support and service

As a student at Lund University, there is help available if you are not feeling well in relation to your studies.

Support for students at Lund University

Lund University Central offers help with career guidance and support if you have any type of disability or need extra support with any part of your education.

Find out more about the support offered centrally here

Mental health issues 

The School of Theatre is a small school with a lot of teacher-led teaching and a fast pace. The demands placed on you students are high, and sometimes that alone or in combination with other things going on in life can be too much.

We encourage you to talk to one of your teachers or other staff at the school whom you trust if you feel unwell in any way.

Student Health Centre

In Lund, the Student Health Centre can help with issues such as stress or depression. You can also get support regarding your alcohol habits, if you have anxiety or anything else related to your psychological well-being linked to your study situation.