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Expenses for education/project

When you as a student make expenses on behalf of the education, you can be reimbursed afterwards. The purchase must be approved in advance by the responsible teacher/equivalent.

The original receipt must contain information about the company's name, address, organization number, date and VAT amount. For purchases from private individuals, the receipt must contain the name and address of the seller, the purpose of the purchase, the date and the signature of the seller.

Copy the receipt on A4 paper and staple the original to the copy, as the original may fade. Attach the receipts to the expense form where you briefly describe what the expense is for. Further instructions can be found on the form.

For training projects, costs related to food, coffee, tobacco and alcohol are not accepted except in exceptional cases. Travels shall be approved in advance and shall always be planned with consideration to the environment as well as to cost efficiency. Fossil-free modes of transport should be the first option. When a personal car is used, it is reimbursed according to the Swedish Tax Agency's amount for tax-free car allowance (mileage allowance), not fuel receipts.

If you make an expense in a foreign currency, you must attach a bank statement from your bank showing the amount in Swedish kronor in addition to the receipt. It is the Swedish amount you enter on the expense form and receive back from the school.

Payment is made to your bank account twice a month.

Expenses form for students (excel 87 kB, new tab)

Register your bank account

From May 2023, Lund University uses Swedbank for payment of salaries and other benefits.

If you have a Swedish bank account: before the first time you receive a payment from LU, you need to register your bank account with Swedbank's account register. The information will be saved, you only need to do this once.

Register a Swedish bank account with Swedbank

If you have a foreign bank account, fill in your bank details in the foreign account form.
Hand in the form together with the expenses form to applicable staff at the Theatre Academy. The form needs to be attached to the expenses form every time you disclose your expenses.

Form for foreign account (xlsx 65 kB, new tab)