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Digital platforms

At Malmö Theatre Academy we use a few different systems to communicate with each other. Here you will find instructions on how to download the programs and when you need which program.

Teams Lila logotyp

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a digital platform where you can download and upload files, chat or participate in digital meetings. As a student with us, you are part of a class team where information about teaching and documents such as scripts and the like are uploaded. In addition to your class team, you are part of the school's joint team where general information from the school is sent, including channels for everything from current news that concerns everyone, to channels for free tickets and social activities in connection with the school.

Here you will find instructions for Teams and links to download it to your phone or computer

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Zoom is a digital tool for remote meetings. For some lessons that take place remotely, Zoom is usually used. Keep in mind that this must be agreed with the responsible teacher before the lesson, and that this is done in exceptional circumstances.

Here you will find instructions for Zoom and how to download it to your computer or phone

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Canvas is Lund University's common learning platform and is used in some of the courses at the Theater Academy. Your teacher will tell you if it is relevant to use Canvas.

Here you will find instructions for Canvas and how to download it to your computer or phone